November 23, 2017


IMG 3609 editedHope provides various learning and discussion activities for members and friends to grow in their knowledge and faith. We often hold adult education forums after worship, as either a series or a stand-alone discussion. Check our home page, newsletter, or calendar for information about adult forums, Bible study series, Scripture Mini-Retreats, and other activities.

This page includes information about learning opportunities for adults and children in 2017. Visit our pages describing our 2015 and 2016 adult education activities.

Children's Sunday School

IMG 4071 editedWe want kids to know that God loves them. So we support kids and families growing in faith together. During the school year, we have Sunday school on the second Sunday of each month at 9 am for children ages 2-8. Children hear a Bible story, sing songs, play games, do crafts, and have a snack. Families are welcome to stay and participate with their children. If you would like to learn more, or if you have older children who also want to be involved, contact Pastor Julie.

Reconciling in Christ

From March through May, Hope invited members and friends to stay after worship, enjoy lunch with Hope's congregation and Humble Walk students, and learn about the Reconciling in Christ process we’re re-starting. We are doing this activity as a part of the collaborative ministry and want to consider what it means to be truly welcoming to all people, especially people of all sexual orientations and gender identities, and publicly affirming that all people are welcome here, and welcome to be fully themselves. Further consideration of these topics will occur during the fall.

Scripture Mini-Retreats

Hope members and friends gathered on a Saturday morning in February to read through the entire Gospel According to Matthew together. Snack breaks and lunch provided plenty of opportunities for lively discussions of what we had heard.

Additional Discussion/Learning Opportunities

IMG 4069 editedAfter worship one Sunday in January, we gathered to discuss Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., sharing what still resonates today from his message, what memories people have from that era in history, and what hope we have for today. Another week in January, we met after worship for a conversation about the inauguration and our lives as people of faith. In March, a group of Hope members and students from The Humble Walk visited a nearby mosque, the Diyanet Center of America, for an informational tour and question-and-answer session.

Hope Lutheran Church and Student Center

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WorshipSunday 10 am

About Hope

Visit the About Us section to find out what our nurturing community of believers is all about and why we hope you will come worship with us!


Our Core Values

We are ...

  • Welcoming
  • Growing Disciples who Lead
  • Loving Our Neighbors, Near and Far


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Check the home page for upcoming movies and the fall 2017 movie schedule. Join us for movies that make you think! Take a look at the list of movies we have shown.


Christian Education

Visit our new Learning page to find out about the variety of adult education activities at Hope, as well as Children's Sunday School. Activities are always listed on the home page and in the newsletter and online calendar.


What is the ELCA?

Find out about the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, its history, and current events on our About the ELCA page.

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