January 27, 2020


IMG 3609 editedHope provides various learning and discussion activities for members and friends to grow in their knowledge and faith. We often hold adult education forums after worship, as either a series or a stand-alone discussion. Check our home page, newsletter, or calendar for information about adult forums, Bible study series, Scripture Mini-Retreats, and other activities.

This page includes information about learning opportunities for adults and children in 2018-19.

Children's Sunday School

IMG 4071 editedWe want kids to know that God loves them. So we support kids and families growing in faith together. During the school year, we have Sunday school two Sundays of each month (on break now until the spring) at 9 am for children ages 2-10. Children hear a Bible story, sing songs, play games, do crafts, and have a snack. Families are welcome to stay and participate with their children. If you would like to learn more, or if you have older children who also want to be involved, contact Pastor Julie.

2019 Activities

In January, we gathered after worship to discuss a sermon delivered originally by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Adult forums, including an examination of prayer, spiritual arts, and images of Jesus took place on the Sundays in Lent. In September, we held a faithful conversation on immigration, focusing on the question: As people of faith, what bearing do the teachings of the Scriptures and the moral principles of our faith have on the real-life situation of “the strangers in our midst?”

2018 Activities

In March, a group gathered after worship to discuss "Music, Memories, and Me." The session consisted of a collaborative reflection on music in our faith lives and was based on ELCA workshop resources. Also in March, we gathered after worship to hear from a few local people who have connected with refugee resettlement because we are curious to learn more about how we might also support our neighbors who are refugees.

After Easter, we began a series of weekly conversations after worship to further consider our property and mission, in light of an offer from a developer to purchase a portion of our property, culminating in a vote taken in May. These discussions led into a series of exercises related to various components of congregational unity.

In the fall, we gathered for a Bible study, titled Faith Beyond Sunday: Themes from the Scripture that didn’t fit into the Sermon. We previewed the morning scripture and discussed themes that didn't find their way into the day's sermon.

In September, in conjunction with The Humble Walk at St. John Lutheran Church (Riverdale), we spent an evening listening to a professional Biblical storyteller, who told the Gospel of Mark from memory. Some of the attendees met a week later to share thoughts and impressions. In the fall, we also heard more about Young Adults in Global Mission from a program participant.

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