January 18, 2018

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Movies@Hope is a film series dedicated to enriching our community by presenting documentary and feature films that explore the environmental, social, moral, and spiritual issues that define our time. All are welcome to attend. Admission and refreshments are free, and donations are accepted. Upcoming movies are listed on our home page and on the calendar. Check out our spring-summer 2018 movie schedule! Take a look at the list of movies we have shown.

Gathering the Children

We want kids to know that God loves them. So we support kids and families growing in faith together. During the school year, we have Sunday School the second Sunday of each month at 9 am for children ages 2-8. Children hear a Bible story, sing songs, play games, do crafts, and have a snack. Families are welcome to stay and participate with their children. If you would like to learn more, or if you have older children who also want to be involved, contact Pastor Julie.

Hope's Offering of Food

Please bring an item of non-perishable food, especially proteins, forward when you come to commune at the altar. It will be taken to the College Park Food Bank at the Church of the Nazarene, which serves local needy people. The food bank suggests: high protein items, baby food/supplies, healthy “on-the-go” food for people who may not have any means to cook; and healthy,easy-to-eat snacks such as granola bars, protein bars, dried fruit, and nuts. This offering of food will help others while witnessing to Hope’s commitment to community service. Participation is optional.

Useful Links

Visit our page of useful links for all things Lutheran and other resources.

Year-Round Gift Giving Through Gifts of Hope

Gifts of Hope now offers year-round gift-giving and donation opportunities on its website, www.giftsofhopedc.org

Altar Care Volunteers Requested

You are invited to help with altar care by washing and ironing the fine linens and setting up for Communion and cleaning up afterwards (on a rotating schedule). If you are interested, please contact the pastor.

Do You Have a Thrivent Account?Hope members who have Thrivent products of any kind can, at no cost, register to have Hope receive Thrivent money, which accrues to the company over and above its expenses. Because Thrivent is a not-for-profit company, it cannot hold on to profits.

Is This Your Year to Join the Choir?

Have you been hiding your light under a bushel? Join Hope's choir this year! All voices are welcome, and choir membership is open to high school and college students and adults. Rehearsals are on Thursdays from 7:30-8:30 pm in the chancel (enter from the upper parking lot). The choir's pre-service rehearsal occurs in the chancel on Sunday mornings at 9:30.

Living LutheranEach "family unit" (which could mean a single person) of Hope may receive through the church a discounted subscription to our denomination's monthly magazine, Living Lutheran. If you have not been receiving a copy of this periodical and would like to do so (or if you would like to have your name removed from Hope's subscription list), please contact the church office. If you would like to help defray the cost of the congregational subscription, please write "Living Lutheran" on your check memo line. The cost of one individual congregational subscription is $8 per year.

Check Out Our Information KioskAnnouncements of upcoming events of special interest to our faith community are posted weekly on the information kiosk in the narthex.

Lord, When Did We See You in Need?Hope continues to receive requests by phone and at the door from people in need of daily basics. The current policy of the Outreach Team has been to provide gift cards for the pastor to distribute in response to such requests. It is suggested that gift cards for this endeavor be in amounts up to $25. These may be from CVS or Giant Food, or Safeway. You are also welcome to donate a Metro farecard in the amount of $20 or less for those persons who come to us with transportation needs.

If you buy Giant gift cards available at Hope and donate them back to Hope, five percent of your total purchase will come back to Hope to help fund kitchen projects. (This is also true for those cards you purchase to do your own grocery shopping.)

Donated gift cards may be given to the pastor. Many thanks for your support!

Coffee Hour Hosts SoughtIf you are willing to provide a simple coffee hour, please sign up on the form in the narthex near the elevator. Instructions for making coffee and finding supplies are posted in the kitchenette off the narthex.

Equal Exchange Fair Trade CoffeeThis fairly-traded coffee is for sale in the narthex after worship. The coffee is produced all over the world and comes to us through a partnership with Lutheran World Relief. The goal of fair trade is to create more equitable trading relationships between producers and consumers as an alternative approach to the international trade of many of the items we consume on a daily basis. The Coffee Project promotes the five major principles of fair trade:

  1. a fair price, including a guaranteed minimum price for agricultural products (the world market price for a given commodity such as coffee or cocoa is often lower than the cost of production);
  2. direct trade with cooperatives of small-scale farmers;
  3. affordable advanced credit offered to farmers;
  4. efforts to build long-term trading relationships; and
  5. practices that promote sustainable agriculture and protect biodiversity.

The cost of the coffee is $7 per bag. Please make your check payable to Hope and note “coffee” on the memo line.

Giant Food Cards Benefit Hope Kitchen ProjectsIf you shop at the local Giant Food grocery stores, we have a proposal: Buy a Giant gift card at Hope and help fund Hope projects centered around our kitchen. Cards are available in the following denominations: $100, $50, $25, and $20. You pay face value for the card and use it just like cash. Giant then rebates five percent of the purchase price to Hope.

Most recently, funds raised through Giant gift cards were used to purchase a new microwave for the kitchen and $2,000 went toward the installation of new electrical panels in the kitchen as part of our renovation project.

Hope Lutheran Church and Student Center

4201 Guilford Drive

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WorshipSunday 10 am

  • Child care is provided.
  • Our worship space is on the upper level.
  • Children's Sunday School - takes place the second Sunday of every month at 9 am (but not in January this year)

About Hope

Visit the About Us section to find out what our nurturing community of believers is all about and why we hope you will come worship with us!


Our Core Values

We are ...

  • Welcoming
  • Growing Disciples who Lead
  • Loving Our Neighbors, Near and Far


Our weekly newsletter includes all of the information you need about our activities and opportunities to serve.



Check the home page for upcoming movies and the spring-summer 2018 movie schedule. Join us for movies that make you think! Take a look at the list of movies we have shown. Movies@Hope returns in February 2018.


Christian Education

Visit our new Learning page to find out about the variety of adult education activities at Hope, as well as Children's Sunday School. Activities are always listed on the home page and in the newsletter and online calendar.


What is the ELCA?

Find out about the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, its history, and current events on our About the ELCA page.

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